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84’ Documentary Feature

This character-driven documentary follows internationally-known artist Luc Bihan who, burned out at midlife, seeks to rekindle his creativity while supervising his thriving Toronto art school.


Luc has a talent for anything he puts his hands on – sculpting, painting, managing and operating his own art school that in 13 years has become home for many other artists who teach art, from Sumi-e, to drawing, to painting, to pottery, to drumming, thus making many people happier in life by helping them discover their “inner artist” and learn various art techniques.

Luc immigrated to Canada from Europe 20 years ago, and now he finds himself leading a bohemian, but busy life that for many seem like a ‘dream come true’. However, despite his success, Luc has found himself stuck. His inability to create indicates that his life has gone in a wrong direction. What is creativity and where is it coming from?

Luc: Between Darkness and Light will explore whether the artist will be able to achieve stillness and energy to create again.

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