Artist statement

Art is my life. A statement of sensuality…
An expression of joy, love, a relief of emotions…
My hands are my guides.
My interest is the relationship between the human soul
and the organic world which makes the clay my favorite
medium for any art sculpting project.
Cold and warm, smooth and hard, wet and dry, recyclable
or for eternity, rare is the sculptural medium that gives you
so many different and interesting palettes and stages.
The natural earthy essence of clay makes it the most
ecological medium in the visual arts.
I believe the language of time talks to me through my
fingers tips smoothing my life and past life experiences to a
positive and fulfilling experience.
Self-expressive, my art is a form of communication that
releases inner thoughts and feeling. The images developed
are symbolic and frequently ambiguous, thus encouraging
the viewer to consider different layers of meaning.
There is no control of the mind over the work.
Realism has always been my favorite topics.
Portraiture, figure, or any human representation is a
challenge grandly rewarded by the power of realism.
The result is an interpretation between clay
(Mother Earth), the model (and its aura)
and the sculptor (my own emotion).
My abstract series approaches the purity of forms,
the voluptuous pleasure of the curves with a strong feel for
motion in the rigid world of sculpture.
I explore the healing musical sounds of clay
and egg shape clay vortex water dispenser
and clay water filter

Luc Bihan