Luc Bihan

Artist and Founder of Luc Sculpture School Inc.


San Francisco, Berkeley, Laguna Beach, Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, Buenos Aires, Munich, Berlin, Milan, Paris and various places in France, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto.
2012 From Eroticismto Spirituality LucSculpture 2007-2020 Collection LucSculpture Gallery, Toronto 2009 Recent works Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto 2009 Figures LucSculpture Gallery, Toronto 2008 Abstraction LucSculpture Gallery, Toronto 2007 Retrospective LucSculpture Gallery, at 663 Greenwood Ave, Toronto 2007 Erotic work Everything to do with sex, EX, Toronto 2007 Recent works Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto 2006 Recent works European chamber of commerce, Delta Chelsea, Toronto 2006 Still motion LucSculpture Studio, at 100 Greenwood, Toronto 2006 Abstract séries Donnelly Galerie, Toronto 2005 Alex, l’arbre à seins Gilda Club, Toronto 2005 Harlequin” Arlequin, Toronto 2005 Breast tree Chez Michelle, Toronto 2005 Opera Old City Hall, London, Ontario 2004 Recent work Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto 2002 Abstraction Gallery Gora, Montréal, Québec 2002 Sexual fantasy See Gallery, Toronto, Ontario 1998 Dernière créations Galerie des Arts Présents, Paris, 10eme, France 1995 Réalisme Galerie Étoile Saint Honoré, Paris 8eme, France 1995 Open Studio Art Kanal, Paris 10eme, France 1993 Cartoons Galerie Glaz`art, Paris 19eme, France
2007-2020 Various group shows LucSculpture Gallery, Toronto 2014 Presentation & Telepathie videos S’afranchir, BRAVO 2013 Tryptiques Clement Berini, BRAVO 2012 Nuit Bouffe Gastronomie & Art, BRAVO 2007-2020 Various group show LucSculpture Gallery, Toronto 2008 Sample of work Gallery Christin, Toronto 2008 Café society Gallery 888, Toronto 2008 Figures Ben Navaee Gallery, Toronto 2007 Abstract series Bertossini Gallery, Toronto 2006 Spiritual art Donnelly Gallery, Toronto 2005 Busts Cancer foundation, Toronto 2003 Busts Collage 2003, Toronto 2003 Erotic Everything to do with sex, Sky Dome, Toronto 2003 Erotica Palace of Contemporary art & Craft, Toronto 2002 Twin tower Noble Horizons sculpture park, Salisbury, Connecticut, US 2002 Busts Veni Vidi gallery, Port Perry, Ontario 2002 Busts London Fringe theater festival, London, Ontario 1997 Recent work Galerie Reflet d`Antan, Champagne, France 1996 Recent work Galerie Moulin de Dorman, Champagne, France 1995 Réalisme Galerie des Quat`Arts, Paris 10eme, France 1995 Réalisme Galerie du Forum des Halles, Paris 1er, France 1994 Humanité Artistes du Léon, Finistère Nord, France
2007-2020 Drawings and paintings LucSculpture Gallery, Toronto 2008 Fantaisies Parisienne LucSculpture Gallery, Toronto 2007 Figure drawing” LucSculpture Gallery, Toronto 1985 Three Artists Exhibition Casa Macondo Gallery 1984 Arts Against Apartheid Centro Bolivariano and Mission Cultural Center 1984 Sobel Scholarship show San Francisco Art Institute
2017-2020 LucSculpture: Kids Art camps, Clay sculpture, Gallery and Curator 2007-2016 LucSculpture: Kids Art camps, After School, Clay Sculpture, Figure Modeling, Life Size Portraiture. Curator and Gallery 2006 LucSculpture: Life Size Portraiture 2006 Franklin Carmichael: Clay Kids camps 2005 Volunteer teacher for Blind Kids Art 2004 College Français: Art Teacher, 2004 Aphasia : Clay Workshops for Adults with brain injuries 2004 Al Green Sculpture Studio: Clay workshop 1986-2001 Worked in Animation. Directed: Babar, Franklin, Redwall, Donkey Kong, etc 1985 French Kids camps in Oakland, California
2007-2020 Run LucSculpture: Art classes for Kids and Adults, Workshops, Curator, Gallery, Framing, Improve Jams, Poetry nights, mindfulness events and private events, 2007 LucSculpture expanded to a full-scale 3 floors building at 663 Greenwood and Danforth, Toronto 2006 Created LucSculpture studios and started clay sculpture classes at 100 Greenwood, Toronto 2005-2007 Organized Figure Drawing Sessions 2005 Portfolio revue at Etobicoke School of the Arts 2002-2012 Talks and demonstrations: LucSculpture, Don Valley Art Club, Project Aquarius, Delta Chelsea, Fashion shows, CNE (The EX), Collage 2003, Sky Dome 2002-2003 Bust commission: “Nicole”, “Costel”, “Alex” and “Al” 1996 Award: Winner of the best sculpture, Reims, Champagne, France 1995 Commission “Chimère de notre dame“ for Relief, Montreuil, France 1986-2003 Worked in various sculpture studios: Paris, Trieste (Italy), Canton (China), Toronto… 1985-1988 Slide documentaries on Modern Art: US, South America, Europe, Asia… 1984-1985 San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI): sculpture, painting, animation, computer art… 1984 Grant: Sobel Scholarship in painting from SFAI 1981-1984 San Francisco City College: painting, sculpture, art history…
2011 Luc Bihan Le Metropolitain, Toronto 2008 Luc Bihan Centeniel Newspaper, Toronto 2007 Luc Bihan amoureux des Arts L’express, Toronto 2006 LucSculpture Europeen Reporter, Toronto Television 2015 Sculpture Mini Artiste series TFO 2015 Visage d’ici, TFO 2008 Retrospective de 2008 Guess artist, Live, TFO Video and Film 2021 Between Darkness and Light 2020 Luc and his Udu drums 2013 Luc Bihan, BRAVO 2012 Bihan Sculptor by Walter Zenko