With the use of interviews and cinema verite footage we follow a renowned Toronto-based sculptor and animator Luc Bihan’s journey through a mid-life creative block.  The artist has granted our small crew intimate access to his day-to-day life. Viewers witness the busy inner workings of a successful Toronto art school, the despair of an artist who feels trapped and unable to vent his creative energy, and intense search for the way out that helps him recover it.

We envision our audience to be mostly artists, art educators, and people craving creativity in everyday life and generally interested in the arts. Creative activities are believed to have healing powers, so more and more people are interested in assigning special time to experience the therapeutic effect of creating art guided by professional artists and art educators.

There are several components to the process of creating, and we will explore them all in detail, – inspiration, time, craftsmanship and skills, and stillness.

All those components are more or less present in any artist’s life. The importance of each is hard to overestimate, and we would like to discuss various aspects and techniques of achieving them with you, our audience and supporters via our Director’s Blog where you are welcome to engage and share your thoughts and comments.