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Behind the Scenes

Luc and His Udu Drums

No Comments While filming our protagonist and internationally renowned artist Luc Bihan, we came across this very interesting episode on Luc’s own hand-made Udu drums. The episode is not included into

Artist in You

Oriel Varga

Comments off 'Words feel very poor quality compared to the ability to communicate through shape or through colour', admits Oriel Varga. I tend to agree with that, but... what about literature

Artist in You

Domenic Mastropietro

No Comments 'Through art things come out. It's a positive energy that art creates and that's why we can never get enough of it. But art can be challenging too, some

Artist in You

Marina Burke

No Comments Marina Burke confesses it is much easier for her to paint someone she meets for the first time and it gets harder if the person is well-known. However, her

Artist in You

Edward Baranosky

No Comments Edward Baranosky thinks EVERYONE can be an artist, absolutely. How come? Do you believe you need a talent first? Or would you rather agree that talent is overrated?

Artist in You

Sheri Cohen

4 Comments   Sheri Cohen is convinced that if art didn't exist the world would not exist. Really? Would you rather say that art is useless/pointless in these times?